Friday, August 3, 2012

brown ain't done jack for me

Dear UPS~

On July 23rd I ordered some medicine from CVS dot com.  You brought the package all the way to my town and then ...what?.. handed it over to the USPS to be delivered?!?!?! 

What the cuss?!?!?!!  Is this a normal procedure? 

Well, anyhoodle, I haven't gotten the medicine yet.  11 days!  Why didn't you just deliver it like you do any other package? 

pffft.  Stewpid!

ps- USPS, I am mad at you, too.  Big Dummy.

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Anita said...

This very week the post office "lost" my medicine ordered in bulk from our insurance provider. Now I have no medicine for acid reflux and I have to do a TON of paperwork to prove their mistake. NOT KIDDING!