Saturday, August 14, 2010

file under: formerly known as

Number 3 asked us the other night at dinner, "Hey, doesn't 'labor' mean 'work'?"

which got me thinking....

why DO we have a day of rest on 'labor' day?

So I looked up the history of the 'holiday' here.

Shouldn't the holiday be more appropriately named Labor Union Day?

And since someone from a Labor Union founded Labor Day and since I believe that Labor Unions are choking the life blood right out of the United States, is it a conflict of interest for me to 'celebrate' Labor Day?
You bet!

Therefore, I will forevermore celebrate the day as
"Three-Weeks-Or-So-Before-My-Birthday Day"


lizzerd said...

amen to that! i've been saying most of that for years & i totally agree that it should be re-named to 3 weeks before my favorite sister's birthday day!

Winnie Garrett said...

MG- just discovered your blog, love it! Laughed a lot!